Tips on How to Get Japan Tourist Visa 2022


With all these promo fares/seat sales everywhere, going to Japan has become very affordable. The sad part though, we  have to apply for a visa to enter Japan and there lies the “uncertainty” about this dream of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun.

Below is the list of requirements that’s needed to apply for a visa (for Tourist WITHOUT Guarantor) as well as some notes that’s purely based on my experience. I applied twice and has been granted two times. I now got 5 year multiple-entry visa. 


Philippine Passport
– must have your signature
– at least two blank pages
I applied for 4 persons and the agent noticed that one of our friend’s passport does not have a signature. The agency will NOT accept your application if your passport is unsigned.

Visa Application Form (Download Here)
– it is an editable PDF, fill out the necessary information and print. Don’t forget your signature.
– if you trust your penmanship, go for it. Just make sure there’s no erasure.
– always put N/A when not applicable
– some agencies will not accept your application form if it’s not printed in A4. -_-

– photo studios know the specs
– must be with white background
– wear something with collar (or you can opt to have it edited)
– no smiling

Birth Certificate
– must be from PSA and issued within a year
– if you have an old Japan Visa, you are exempted!
I have an old Japan Visa from last year but I still ordered a copy of my birth certificate just to be sure hehe. The agent from Friendship Tours returned my birth certificate upon seeing my old visa.

Marriage Contract (if the applicant is married)
– must be from PSA and issued within a year
– again, if you have an old Japan Visa, you are exempted!

Daily Schedule in Japan (Download Sample Here)
– your itinerary
Realistically, you should submit a real one to show how many days and where you intend to stay and the places you’re going to. In my opinion, your show money (bank certificate) will be judged based on your itinerary.

Bank Certificate
– must be addressed to Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
– request this from your bank (must be the branch where you opened your account)
– BPI and BDO charge P100 for this
– some banks will furnish this right the moment you request, some will make you wait, some will ask you to come back the next day.
The big question on this matter is “how much?”. There is no minimum stated in the website. Your ITR must atleast reflect your bank cert. To be safe, six digit figure.

Income Tax Return (Form 2316)
– request this from your Finance/HR
– original and photocopy
The agency will get just the photocopy, I always give the original though haha.


Below documents are really “not required” but if you can submit them, that’s a whole lot better. I believe submitting these will increase your chances of getting your visa approved (just my opinion).

Certificate of Employment
– must state your position, tenure, and salary.
– request HR to put the gross annual income to make it look like a big amount 😉

Airline Tickets
– print the itinerary / receipt and attach together with your main requirements.
In my opinion, roundtrip tickets give them the idea that you will be returning and will not overstay.

Accommodation Booking
– print the confirmation email from your hotel and attach together with the main requirements. For your stay in Japan, I highly recommend booking thru Agoda.


Rajah Travel Corporation
– Handling fee is P1500
– Address: 3rd Floor 331 Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.
Applied Monday, got the result on Wednesday. They just say that the passport is ready for pickup. So there’s this question whether the visa is granted or denied. Moment of truth!

Friendship Tours
– Handling fee is P1200
– conveniently located at 3F Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City.
Applied Monday, Thursday still no word. Called to follow up during lunch time and I was told to wait for a call around 4-5PM. Around 5PM, I got a call saying our (a team of 4) visa has been APPROVED!


Plan your trip months away so you can get cheap tickets and deals as well as a lot of time to process documents.

Prepare and submit all the required documents to the accredited agencies. If you can provide additional documents to prove you can finance your travel and that you will be returning, the better. Also apply at least a month before your flight so you have ample time should they require supporting documents.

The hard part though is waiting. There’s this uneasy feeling and thoughts about the result. Paranoid about the incoming texts/calls hoping it’s the agency. The longer the wait, the more we think negatively. I know it’s hard to keep calm, it’s Japan we’re talking about! 🙂

Good luck with your application!

Questions / thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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