Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is probably the most popular landmark in Osaka. They say if you haven’t been here, you haven’t been to Osaka. I was able to visit last year during winter and this time, autumn! πŸ™‚

Osakajokoen Station is the stop for the castle. Since we are using the Amazing Osaka Pass 2016, we opted to use the subway (cause it’s free!) and dropped off at Temmabashi Station and from there it’s a lot of walking to get to the castle.

Walking with the autumn leaves falling is movie-like to me. Grew up watching romantic movies, it is something I’ve always dreamed to be able to experience haha. This time, it happened! :”>

We spent half the day here at the castle. Mostly walking in the park and taking pictures. There are a lot of food stands and vending machines for drinks. We had sweet potatoes (400 yen or 170 pesos each) and coffee. There’s also a souvenir shop and they sell a lot of must-have souvenirs. From t-shirts to ninja costumes and katanas to figurines and a lot of novelty items.

600 yen is the entrance to the castle but we’re able to enter for free because we have the Amazing Osaka Pass. They have a really long line since the elevator is packed. Elevator is just one way though, you have to use the stairs to go back down. Inside the castle is a museum and there are restrictions in taking pictures.

Here are some of the pictures taken during our time at the castle πŸ™‚


Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle autumn

Autumn at Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle rain

About to rain at Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle square

The “square” at Osaka Castle.

Photo-Op with the samurai. They take the official picture (and using your camera too!) You can buy the printed one if you wish.

Osaka Castle osaka jo hall

Osaka-jo Hall and the colorful autumn trees. (taken from the roof deck)

Osaka Castle golden dragon

The Golden Dragon

Osaka Castle river cruise

Osaka Castle River Cruise

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