Tennoji Zoo

Would you believe if I tell you this is my first time going to a zoo? Growing up, I missed all those field trips during grade and high school days. Simply put, we can’t afford to pay for those.

Tennoji Zoo is located near Tennoji or Dobutsuen-mae Station. Lucky for us, it is in the neighborhood, just a few minutes walk from Peace House. And hey, entrance is free since we got the Amazing Osaka Pass.

Back in 2015, Tennoji Zoo was under renovation that’s why we weren’t able to go. This time, for sure! There is this excitement, the kid in me perhaps, about going to see the animals with my very own eyes. Yey! 😀

The zoo is very kid-friendly and features a lot of animals (sorry I only got a few pictures to share). There are lots of toddlers around and it’s really nice to see them enjoy the view and kinda “talk and play” with the animals. It’s as if this experience has fulfilled that missing part of me as a kid.

Here are some of the pictures taken at the zoo. 🙂

tennoji zoo entrance with abeno harukas

Us before entering the zoo with Abeno Harukas (tallest building in Japan) in the background

tennoji zoo japanese black bear

Black Bear

tennoji zoo polar bear

Polar (from Crash Bandicoot haha) I was actually surprised as I thought I’d only see one in the North Pole 😀

tennoji zoo flamingo

Doflamingo? 😀

tennoji zoo wolf

Wolves (I wish I could hug them)

tennoji zoo tiger

Bath Time!

tennoji zoo giraffe


tennoji zoo kids


tennoji zoo souvenir shop

Stuff Toys at the Tennoji Zoo Souvenir Shop


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