Cruising in Japan

The City of Osaka offers a lot of things you can do and experience during your stay. How about a cruise? Lucky we have the rivers and the Bay Area in Osaka. Not the luxurious type of cruise, but hey, it’s fun! If you have the Amazing Osaka Pass, you can enjoy these short cruises for FREE. Yup.


tombori river cruise tombori river jazz

Tombori River Cruise / Tombori River Jazz Boat
Dotombori River Cruise around the area. The Jazz Boat has live jazz performance. Sounds fun!

cruise ship santa maria

Cruise Ship Santa Maria 
One Piece! Not really… but hey, it looks like a pirate ship! 🙂

osaka bay area sunset

Osaka Bay Area sunset

cruise ship santa maria twilight cruise

Cruise Ship Santa Maria Twilight Cruise
BEAUTIFUL. This is the 4PM cruise. We thought the Twilight Cruise starts “after” the day cruise which ends at 4pm but NO. When we arrived, around 4:45 (cause the sun is about to set), the ship is about to dock and the crew said they’re closed already.

santa maria cruise ship

MC near the Santa Maria

captain line cruise

MC before boarding the Captain Line (Shuttle Cruiser that connects the Kaiyukan West Pier and the Universal City Port) which is just few steps away from the Santa Maria Cruise.

captain line cruise inside

Aboard the Captain Line Cruise. Stolen shot taken by our friend. Sweet isn’t it? 🙂

tempozan ferris wheel from captain line cruise ship

30 minute roundtrip and we’re mesmerized with the view of Tempozan Ferris Wheel, the ships at the port, and the breathtaking sunset.

Also, you can avail of these cruises : Osaka Suijyo Bus (Aqua-Liner), Okawa River Sakura Cruise, Nakanoshima Night-View Cruise, when you’re around the Osaka Castle Area. It was raining so my team got lazy to get to these. Too bad </3



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