Utada Hikaru <3

It was 2003 – I vividly remember how Utada Hikaru gave me this indescribable feeling upon hearing her song “Simple and Clean” from the ending of the hit video game Kingdom Hearts. You don’t always come across that kind of song that will shake you and stay forever. Right then and then I became a fan.

Utada Hikaru, in my opinion, is the most unique artist. To me, every artist pales in comparison to her. She does almost everything when it comes to her music. She and her music is such a great source of inspiration. Whenever I see a connection – even how little it is – I always reference to her. I like taking pictures and captioning her lines. My wordpress name and tagline is a reference to her.

Fast forward – I’m on my 14th year of being a fan of the most successful singer-songwriter in Japan! My wish is to see her perform live in concert and I got the feeling that it’ll be soon! Btw, her birthday is today, January 19! ❤

That said, going to Japan means rooting for Hikaru!

soundpak denden town

at Soundpak Denden Town

utada hikaru cd

Treasures found!

tower records abeno hoop

Wild Life at Tower Records Abeno Hoop

tower records fantome utadatower records fantome utada

Fantome at Tower Records Namba. I wish I could take home that promotional stand!


2 thoughts on “Utada Hikaru <3

  1. Wooow! I totally agree with you! I’m just 17, but I listen Utada since 2000. Hahaha. I really love her, and her melodies, and her lyrics! It inspires me. She’s amazing. Stunning voice! Magnificent career. She has style! 💚💞🍬😍


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