Denden Town – Otaku Haven in Osaka

One of my favorite spots in Osaka is Nipponbashi also known as Denden Town. It is home to anime, manga, video games and gadgets (heaven!) and is comparable to Tokyo’s Akihabara Shopping District. I wish I had more time to explore each building here.

From Namba, DenDen Town is just a walk away. 😀

Animate Osaka

ANIMATE – a building full of everything manga and anime!

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy CD

Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. All are, of course ,Japan region.

Osaka Gundam

Osaka Gundam – All-Gundam building!

iphone store

Simple iPhone store

action figure store

Store specializing in action figures and plushies


A street in Nipponbashi

laptops for sale

Laptops For Sale

buying headset

Me buying headset. Audio Technica ❤

old generation console

Old generation consoles


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