Palaui Island, Cagayan Province – The Raw Beauty in the Far North

Imagine having a friend who takes you to the beaches every summer – lucky me. My dear friend Jie‘s hometown is in Ilocos and Cagayan – where beaches are in it’s raw, natural beauty. Since 2012, we have been going there and my summer is incomplete without a dip into the northern Philippines’ finest beaches! Allow me to post every single bit of places we explored in these 2 provinces 🙂

Back in 2014, we had the opportunity to visit Palaui Island which was the home to Survivor : Cagayan and Survivor Blood vs. Water (series I haven’t seen until now haha)

If you don’t have friends/relatives who lives in Sta. Ana, check out Agoda to find good deals for your accommodation.

TRAVEL (Part 1)
– Terminal is located in Kamuning, Quezon City.
– Fare is P750 and travel time is 11 to 12 hours. Manila – Pagudpud.
– Buses ply from late afternoon to 9 or 10PM only.

TRAVEL (Part 2)
– Buses pass by hourly in the national highway
– Fare is P120 and travel time is 4-5 hours. Pagudpud – Santa Ana
– There are direct Manila to Santa Ana, Cagayan buses but we haven’t tried it yet.

– We paid 300 each x 6 = P1800
– Travel time is 30-45 mins. Santa Ana Port – Palaui Island
– Another hour of boat ride for neighboring islands

Palaui Island location(image credit to wikipedia)

This is the longest bus ride I’ve ever experienced (600+ kilometers) and one of the most memorable too. We really weren’t prepared for Palaui. We woke up late that day and we were cramming. Some of my friends don’t even have their money with them haha. We waited for almost an hour for the bus and when it arrived, I picked my window seat and put on my Utada Hikaru playlist. I enjoyed every bit of the bus ride, I love the scent of the green rice fields – thanks for having non-airconditioned buses here, I love the blue skies, I love the fresh non-polluted air which can only be found in the provinces.

– Bring lots of money haha
– Take your brunch/lunch at the port
– Buy lots of drinks and snacks for the long day tour / boat ride
– Never ever litter. Let’s keep the island as raw as it is.
– Bring extra clothes, sunblock, shades

After the day tour, we found out that we don’t have enough money to even dine in! Our moneys combined was just enough for a loaf of bread and fare to go back home. I love how we equally shared the bread and just laughed at this shortcoming. Friendship level up! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with you Jie, Tin, Lark, Joenna, Marc.

Here are our pics taken during our stay in Palaui Island. Sorry I was using an old digital camera back then so the pictures weren’t that clear. I hope I could get back here someday and bring you guys lots of better pictures 🙂

Palaui Island (1)There were a lot of Survivor ads in the province.

Palaui IslandSome other ads promoting the island

Palaui IslandFinally arrived at the port!

Palaui IslandRegistered at the tourism office which was located near the port. Day pass costs P50 ($1) back in 2014.

Palaui IslandA view from the boat. More of this for 45 minutes boat ride.

Palaui IslandPalaui Island declared as Protected Landscape and Seascape

Palaui IslandPalaui IslandWe did a bit of trekking

Palaui IslandPhoto opp of course

Palaui Island Palaui IslandSome of my panorama shots. Too bad the quality is low 😦

Palaui Island cape enganoPalaui IslandArrived at the Cape Engano Lighthouse

Palaui IslandAlways somewhere, I missed you where I’ve been~

Palaui IslandPalaui Island dos hermanosDos Hermanos Islets (The Two Brothers’ Islets)

Palaui IslandThe beautiful Palaui Island. By far the best gusts of wind I’ve ever had! Breathtaking!

Palaui IslandPalaui Island (20)Palaui IslandMe and my friends. #TeamPalaui

Palaui IslandAnd another trek to this falls located a few minutes from where our boat was docked

Palaui IslandLast picture before heading to the next island. I love the fact that w were the only ones in this beautiful island!

Palaui IslandAnother boat ride circling around the group of islands

Palaui Island (26) anguib beachTouchdown Anguib Beach!

Palaui IslandAnguib Beach has the finest sand in my opinion. It was like walking in powder.

Palaui IslandAnguib Beach Panorama

Palaui Island (28)Another shot from the boat going home.


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