Birthday Feast at Sambokojin – The Kitchen God

It is that time of the year again to age…

For this year’s birthday, I decided to treat my family to a feast at Sambokojin. I have been showing my mother, nephew, and niece the website of Sambokojin and all the mouth-watering foods we can eat. My gullible nephew was very excited and he kept track of the days and reminded me almost everyday of my promise.

We went to their Megamall branch on a Monday and yey it was not crowded. We arrived around 10:45AM. I told the receptionist we are a group of 4 and I’m a birthday celebrant. She asked for an ID and checked my date of birth. She requested us to be seated first and after a few minutes, my name was called. A staff ushered us to our table and my nephew was WOWed, his eyes were rolling and already pointing finger on the foods he wanted to eat.

Of course, another date was set for Love. And we’re lucky to have a friend join us as well. It was a busy payday-family day-Sunday! We waited for like 1 and a half hour to be seated! Wew.

What I love about Sambokojin:
A week of free birthday buffet! (yes, 7 days! 3 days before, actual birthday, and 3 days after birthday)*
– They charge the kids by height! (take advantage of this!)
– NO service charge! (wow!)
– Courteous, helpful, friendly staff (some are even playing with my nephew)
– Superb overflowing foods and drinks (well, this is automatic!)
– Cheaper rates compared to other buffet (P688 lunch on weekdays and P888 Fri-Sat-Sun)
– 3 branches are within my zone

*Free Birthday Buffet may be claimed lunch and dinner, within those seven (7) days. Only 1 Free Birthday Buffet may be claimed per visit.

For updated rates, check here and to know more about their promos and rewards, kindly visit their website.

For a group of 4, we were only charged 1268 (Adult P888 + Child P380). I’m free of charge since it’s my birthday and my nephew was free of charge as well. Sulit!




Picture taking while waiting


Yosh we’re in!


Inside Sambokojin


He’s hungry and mad because I was still taking pictures 😀

Here’s some (yes, only some, of the foods I was able to take decent pictures) My favorite are Japanese Cheesecake, Lechon, Crab Meat and the Mango Shake! Enjoy the foods and drool!



My niece and nephew, amazed by Sambokojin!


Selfie at their comfort room. It is very clean 🙂




sambokojin part2 (2)

It was indeed a happy birthday! Thank you Sambokojin!

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