Ligao City – There is no place like home…

It has been a while Ligao City! Lots of memories here in my hometown, indeed: “there is no place like home”. Ligao has changed gradually over the years, but to me, the memories I had in this city feels just like yesterday – as if nothing has changed.

I had friends here when I was little but now I can’t really tell who they were. I can only recognize my cousins and relatives. The Bicol dialect though still remains in me and I’m still fluent in speaking – as if I never left. (this still surprises me lol)

Ligao City is in the province of Albay and part of the Bicol Region. It is about 9 to 10 hours bus ride from Manila. The most common tourist spot is the Mayon Volcano and  Kawakawa Hill.

Should you wish to stay – book your accommodation in Agoda.

Here are some pics during my January 2018 visit.

Ligao CityThe chapel which is just a few steps away from our house.

Ligao CityMayon Volcano as seen from our covered court (zoomed though)

Ligao CityMy mom ready to go to the market

Ligao CityEating taho in the fields with the majestic Mayon Volcano for view.

Ligao CitySaint Stephen Protomartyr Parish – we used to attend the Sunday mass here.

Ligao CityLigao Town Center

Ligao CityProcession of the Black Nazarene in Ligao

Ligao CityLigao CityLigao CityLigao CityLigao CityLigao CityLigao CityChristmas in Ligao City which gives me the Ayala Triangle feels

Ligao CityThere are lots of street foods / stalls around the town center

Ligao CityMy favorite puto! (rice cake)

Ligao CitySinapot / maruya and banana cue for meryenda



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