OFW Guide for Japan Tourist Visa Application

DISCLAIMER: This post is purely based on experience. I am not in any way connected to any travel agency or the Japan Embassy itself.

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I have a friend who works as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and she’s here in the Philippines for a 2-month vacation. She scored her promo Manila-Tokyo-Manila tickets way back 2017 and was worried about her visa. I told her it’s easy πŸ˜‰

I helped her compile the requirements and here’s what we presented:


Philippine Passport
– Since she is an OFW, it shows her entry and exit in Saudi Arabia.

Visa Application Form (Download Here)
– it is an editable PDF, fill out the necessary information and print. Don’t forget your signature.
– if you trust your penmanship, go for it. Just make sure there’s no erasure.
– always put N/A when not applicable

– Photo studios at the mall offer this. Just tell them it is for Japan Visa and they’ll know what to do.

Birth Certificate
– applied online and delivered within the week.

Marriage Contract (if the applicant is married)
– Not applicable since she’s not yet married.

Daily Schedule in Japan (Download Sample Here)
– the itinerary, day to day activity in Japan.

Bank Certificate
– requested thru BDO for P100 fee. She wasn’t able to get the certificate on the same day though and was asked to return the next day. And if you’re curious, she’s at the 100k mark.

 Income Tax Return (Form 2316)
– She said she does not have this. We wrote a letter explain this. Here is the sample. Edit the letter to reflect your information.


Below documents are really “not required” but since it is available, we submitted them. I believe it gives you higher success rate since these documents will justify you’re capable of financing your trip as well as a guarantee that you will return.

Certificate of Employment
– must state your position, tenure, and salary.
– request HR to put the gross annual income to make it look like a big amount πŸ˜‰

Job Order / Contract
– Submitted just a photocopy. It states her renewal and she is scheduled to be back in Saudi on the last week of February 2018.

Return Tickets to Saudi Arabia
– I didn’t know she already has tickets back to Saudi. I believe this is a great proof that she will not overstay and will be in Japan only for tourism.

Airline Tickets to Japan and back to Manila
– She already scored a roundtrip ticket back in 2017 so we submitted a printed copy.

Accommodation Booking
– printed the confirmation email from the hotel and attached together with the main requirements. For your stay in Japan, I highly recommend booking thru Agoda.


Friendship Tours
– Handling fee is P1200 and conveniently located at 3F Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City.
She applied on Friday. Tuesday she got a text confirming that the visa has been granted!

Prepare and submit all the required documents to the accredited agencies. I highly recommend Friendship Tours. I know it seems a lot but if you can provide additional documents to prove you can finance your travel and that you will be returning, the better. Also apply at least a month before your flight so you have ample time should they require supporting documents.

Good luck with your application!

Questions / thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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26 thoughts on “OFW Guide for Japan Tourist Visa Application

  1. Hi, just a quick thing, will they process my papers eventhough I’m here in Dubai?? Or they need physical appearance of applicant.


    1. Hi Kris, some agencies require personal appearance cause they need you to sign some papers. If you can’t make it, just be sure to have all your documents signed like passport, letters, etc. πŸ™‚


      1. Do you have agency in mind that is not strict about the personal appearance? I already booked my plane ticket and accomodation in Japan. I’m just worried right now about the visa.


      2. Hi Kris, based on experience, Rajah Travel and Tours in Makati City is not really strict. I applied here on behalf of my friends and they accepted the documents. Another thing to note, we all got our visas approved πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi Can i use bank certifcate from abroad, as i don’t have bank account in the Philippines only for remittance to my family. My account is in the country I am working at.



  3. Hi. I’m an OFW. I’m planning to get a Japan visa this coming March. My sister and I have planned to travel Japan by mid of April. I have some questions. Does an OFW need an ITR? I have only work permit. Is it ok instead of employment certificate?


    1. Hi msdoratheadventurer! Im so sorry I failed to respond. No need for ITR, your work permit, certificate of employment or proof of income will do πŸ™‚ Also submit a letter explaining that you dont have an ITR.


  4. Hello there! Just wanna ask if we are applying as a couple, do we need to submit a different cover letter as an explanation why we cannot provide ITR? Thanks!


  5. Hi ask ko lang if do you think okay lang kaya kung wala pang one month yung savings sa bank mo? I mean kakalagay ko lang kasi nung money two weeks ago.


  6. quick question. OFW aka dati then nag for good na aka 8 months ago. dito na aka sa pinas now hindi ako makakuha ng itr since hindi nman ako dito nag work before. wala na rin aka ma present na contract kasi naka cancel/exit na yung resident permit ko sa passport. :/ and kayo pwede gawin para ma pasa ko yung visa to japan?


  7. Hello sana ΓΌo mabasa mo. Ofw kadi si mama and ang dating nya pa s Philippines is july 15. Yung flight nmin is June 30 . Dapat b n s Israel nlng sya magapply ng Japanese visa or OK lng n pagdating nlng nya dito.
    Or kung pwede nmn nmin n ilakad nlng visa nya dito n wala muna passport ni mama.


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