SEAGATE Philippines RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Guide

Some 10 years ago, I asked my computer technician friend which hard drive to buy and he said Seagate is the best. My first ever hard drive was a 250GB Seagate Barracuda back in 2008 which lasted until 2014! Fast forward to 2018, I now have Seagate external hard drives.

When we buy from a store, they generally give us 1 year store warranty. In case the hard drive fails during that period – you can return it to the store and they’ll have it checked and replaced. I have a 1TB external hard drive that lapsed the 1 year store warranty and I thought I was done for. Fortunately, we have the return merchandise authorization or RMA which replaces our faulty/defective product if it is still under the warranty period.

I have returned two hard drives, a Maxtor and a Seagate Portable External Hard Drive. How to replace the defective product? Here’s an overview.

  1. Make sure it is faulty and under warranty period.
  2. Register and create an RMA Order.
  3. Ship your product to Seagate via LBC or your courier of choice.
  4. Seagate will ship you a replacement. Brand new, FREE of charge! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s get this guide started!

1. First make sure the drive is really faulty. Use SeaTools to check the status of your hard drive. Download and install:

2. Then let’s check if the product is still under the warranty period:
Seagate RMA

3. Here is my faulty hard drive still “In Warranty” status.Seagate RMA

4. If the product is still under warranty, we can then create an RMA order. Register first atย Once you’re registered select “Create Order”.

On the WARRANTY tab, select Manual Entry and fill out the information needed and click Next.

Seagate RMA

5. On the OPTIONS tab, select Standard Replacement and hit NEXT. Ship your non-functioning product to our receiving facility and upon successful receipt, we will send a replacement product to you within 5 to 7 business days, ground service upon stock availability.

Seagate RMA

6. Fill out theย  shipping details: name and complete address. For Seagate Return Location, select UPS SCS (Philippines) Inc and hit NEXT.

Seagate RMA

7. Reviewย the information and once confirmed, hit Submit Return Order.

Seagate RMA

8. Now you have an RMA Number. Go to your nearest courier and ship the defective product to the address below. I used LBC and paid P155 pesos only. Use bubble wrap to protect your hard drive.

UPS SCS (Philippines) Inc.
2/F Cargohaus Building
Old MIA Road,
Barangay Vitalez
Paranaque City

Seagate RMA

9. You will receive confirmation email so check your email regularly for updates.

Seagate RMA

10. After 5 – 7 business days, you’ll receive your shiny new replacement Seagate product shipped to your home free of charge! Look how well it was packed!

Seagate RMASeagate RMASeagate RMA

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12 thoughts on “SEAGATE Philippines RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Guide

  1. Hi. I’m trying my best to follow the steps here however I am having trouble in creating a seagate account or as you said “register” in their portal. For some reason the options for “country/region” and “preferred language” are grayed out. I can’t sign up. What should I do? Thanks.


  2. If I would be sending my package through LBC, to whom will I send the package and his/her contact number because as of now, LBC requires a name and a contact number of the recipient and not just the complete address. Thank you!


  3. If I would be sending my package through LBC, to whom will I send the package and his/her contact number because as of now, LBC requires a name and a contact number of the recipient and not just the complete address. Thank you!


  4. Hi sir.I’m expecting my replacement HDD from Seagate anytime this week. Is UPS their courrier? Seagate sent me an email(Aug 19,2019) stating they’re sending me the new HDD, with tracking number. Somehow, the tracking number they gave me is not working. How many days before it arrives after you received the Shipping order? Any info is very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. Hi sir, here is an update.

        Aug 20,2019 I received an email asking me to submit 5 documents which they say are require by the Optical Media Board/ Philippine Customs. This are the 5 documents…
        – Authorization (to complete)
        – Letter of Intent (to complete)
        – Affidavit (to complete and require a lawyer signature)
        – Invoice
        – Front and Back copy of Identification Card
        Just follow the instructionin their email carefully because you will send the scanned documents to another email address. Be sure to accomplish that on or before 7 days. I submitted mine the next day(Aug. 21) because I “Notarized” the affidavit. It cost only 174 php.

        I still DON’T have the replacement HDD. I keep following-up my case to them(seagate customer support w/c they always reply). I just sent another one today.

        Anyway, I will update you if i receive(or not) the replacemnet HDD.


  5. Hi. Just yesterday my HDD can’t be recognized by any of our computers in the office. I inquired from some tech people telling me it’s likely the HDD has problem and might need reformatting.

    Before even requesting for replacement (i’ve checked online, it’s still under warranty until 2021), is there a service center here in Metro Manila that I can go to and speak to directly? I’ve so much files in it that are important and I need to know if these can be retrieved.

    thanks for the help


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