Narita Airport to Tokyo by Bus

Tokyo can be overwhelming to most travelers specially for those first timers in this mega city. I was one of those intimidated just by looking at the subway network so I chose to ride the bus to at least narrow down the area.

As three of us are first timers in Tokyo and we are carrying big luggage each, we opted to travel by bus for budget and convenience.

Narita to Tokyo by Bus

For just 1000 yen, one can travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station by bus. You can buy this directly from their booth located at the arrival area.

Narita to Tokyo by Bus

Buses are easily found outside the arrival area. Follow the signs leading there.

Narita to Tokyo by Bus

A detailed bus guide, be sure not to miss the last one.

Narita to Tokyo by Bus

There are lots of bays in the airport so check which bay your bus is designated.

Narita to Tokyo by Bus

Here is our bus, our luggage were placed in the compartment and we seated comfortably inside as we travel to Tokyo. Travel time is approximately 1 hour (depends on traffic conditions) and there’s wifi and security camera.

It will stop at Tokyo Station where you can then board a train to your home station.

That’s it. I hope it helps. 🙂

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