Lost GCash Number? – Here’s What You Should Do.


I have registered in GCash just this year due to the lockdown where we can’t go to the Bayad Centers to pay our bills. GCash has been a very big help in accomplishing this task and I’m a very satisfied customer. I love how simple it is to use, how secure it is in cashing in and paying our bills.

I have been using my SMART number for years now and that was the number I used for GCash. Sadly, out of the blue, the SIM has lost signal and I wasn’t able to use it anymore in GCash where there’s still more than a thousand pesos credits. Since the due dates are coming near, I need to use GCash again to pay my bills but I can’t login.

According to the GCash Help Page: If you lost your SIM card or your mobile phone where your GCash account is registered, you will need to contact GCash Support immediately so we can temporarily suspend your GCash account for your safety. You may submit a ticket or call us at 2882 with the details of your concern.

I submitted a ticket explaining the problem where my registered GCash number has lost signal and I can’t access my account anymore. In less than 24 hours, a GCash Customer Support Agent has reached out to me.

I have two options: to create a new account using a new number or go to SMART to have a SIM replacement and retrieve the old number. The SMART Facebook customer service hasn’t been responding after multiple follow up attempts and going to their store would cost and very hassle.

I created a new account using my second SIM and went thru the process of getting fully verified.

Next step is getting the funds from the old account to the new one. Below are the needed details and I submitted it as soon as I received the email.

Success! Upon submitting the abovementioned details, my case has been endorsed for the Transfer of Funds. I was given 48 hours as turn-around time.

Just after 5 hours, I received the confirmation email that the Transfer of Funds has been successfully processed!

GCash Customer Support Team, thanks so much for the very prompt response and resolution to my case. Keep up the good work! 🙂

In case you lost your GCash registered number, don’t hesitate to contact GCash Customer Support Team and they’ll be more than happy to assist you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lost GCash Number? – Here’s What You Should Do.

    1. This is weird. Why would you need to verify the amount on the old number if they can just transfer it. So they are just putting money on the new account not transfer. Wouldnt it be easier if they have a process to just change the number registered. It is a new account so my gcredit limit is back to zero.


  1. Hello! I have the same problem. I lost my sim and they requested me the same as yours. But after I submitted all the requirements they didnt reply to my email anymore and its been a week since their last email. Everyday I always send a follow up email but didnt get any reply. Should I wait or should I file complaint to ntc or bsp?


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