Siargao 5D4N Itinerary for 10k

I started dreaming about Siargao way back 2017. It was because of Echo’s movie “Siargao” which was set in this paradise. Those waves, surfboards, beaches, coconut trees kept inviting me.

I can’t believe it took me 5 years to be able to finally get to this beautiful destination. Truth be told, I even pushed for a driver’s license so I can rent a motorcycle in Siargao!

Here’s a breakdown of all my expenses:

Here’s our 2020 pisofare roundtrip ticket, P1854.48 for two. That’s only 927.24 per person! Sadly, pandemic hit us and flights were all cancelled.

Fast forward 2022, here’s my solo ticket that costs P2773.00. Damn fuel surcharge, without it the ticket would only cost P1146.76. Oh well, it is what it is.

As for my accommodation, I booked Moonlight Homestay thru Agoda for only 1569.85 for 5D4N stay.

In case you don’t like it, you can try searching for other accommodations in Siargao thru Agoda and pick based on your preferred style/budget.

For the motorcycle, I rented it thru Siargao’s Best Motorbike Rent for P350 per day. Just send them a message thru their Facebook page as linked above.

With the motorcycle, we can explore more of the island and we won’t be limited to those arranged land tours. Plus, if you are 2 or 3 pax, the rent would be much cheaper! 350 divided by 2 or 3, sana all!.

So yeah, let’s go explore Siargao!


NAIA T4 – Sayak Airport
Cloud 9
Catangnan Bridge
Bugak Cold Spring
Doot Beach

I was so excited that I wasn’t even able to get a decent sleep a day before my flight. It was also my first time at NAIA Terminal 4 and first time riding CebGo. The plane was a bit slow so I was able to catch some quality nap.

I woke up at Dinagat Islands and from there my eyes were treated with the beautiful islands. After a few minutes, seeing those waves and coconuts from above, I knew I’m in Siargao already and it is already welcoming me.

Touch down Sayak Airport! I paid just P20 for environmental fee. Imagine this is paradise and you only have to pay P20? Man, what a treat!

I picked up our Honda Beat motorcycle just outside the airport and then explored my way. With the motorcycle, it just feels like I have the Ragnarok with me (my Honda Click is named Ragnarok btw). No definite itinerary really, just ride and explore. Ahhh this kind of freedom!

From airport, I went straight ahead to General Luna and I dropped my things at Moonlight, super early checkin! I only have my Ocean Pack and essentials and now ready to explore!

As for the food, Siargao offers a lot of options. From carinderias to fancy restaurants, you choose! I chose to treat myself something good and had spicy lechon belly.


General Luna Port
Naked Island
Daku Island
Guyam Island
General Luna Port

Our second day in Siargao is mainly about island hopping! I booked mine at WOW Siargao Island Travel & Tours for P1400.

Call time is 8AM but I woke up a bit late. I was having my free breakfast at Moonlight and then the van arrived minutes before 8AM. I wasn’t able to finish my breakfast haha

The van picked up other tourists from different hotels/accommodations and wow others are yeyemenin staying at those expensive accommodations.

We were fully booked and after collecting all tourists, we headed to General Luna Port and registered. After all that, we boarded the boat and began our island hopping.

First stop would be Naked Island (really naked, there’s nothing there but the bare island) then off to Daku Island for buffet lunch! Last stop was Guyam Island. Supposedly, there are 2 other destinations but those were not available due to tide conditions.

We safely reached the port around 4PM, still so early so I just took a quick bath and went back to the port area for some dronies and reflections.


Cloud 9 Surfing
Coconut View Deck
Maasin River
Magpupungko Rock Pools
Caridad Beach

Started the day with our free breakfast at Moonlight! They have a resident licensed surfing instructor there – the son of the Moonlight’s owner. During my first day, I was offered surfing and I scheduled it on the 3rd day.

One of the best things to do in Siargao is really to surf. I recommend you guys to try it out, even for a non-swimmer like me, it was a fun and great experience!

After surfing, I went back to Moonlight to freshen up and then back to exploring via motorcycle. I went to the famous coconut road where I saw the human-drone.

Then I proceeded next to Magpupungko Rock Pools, which has a P65 fee (but the receipt says P50 lol) and then parking fee of P20. I was very happy cause I got the beach all to myself but it seems the real highlight was the rock pools. I went to the rock pools and wow, it was amazing and deep (sadly I was only able to go neck-deep lol) The colors were inviting and beautiful.

I then proceeded north and saw other beautiful beaches on my way. More rides and I then back to Sayak Airport and then back to General Luna.


Paghungawan Marsh
San Isidro River
Pacifico Beach
Burgos Beach
Taktak Falls
San Monica
San Benito
Shaka Cafe
Cloud 9

If I am to pick, this is probably my favorite day in Siargao! I was able to circumnavigate the whole island and Siargao kept surprising me!

Started with our usual free breakfast at Moonlight Homestay and then proceeded with the ride going to the famous Puregold Siargao, and then all the way up – again passing by the Coconut View Deck, Maasin River, and Magpupungko Rock Pools. Feels like Day 3 again right? lol. I stopped by Paghungawan Marsh to see if I can see Sir Crocodile (One Piece reference btw) but he was not there lol.

The new road we’re going to take is the one heading further north. I was surprised by the river, I’m not really sure about the name but I’d call it San Isidro River, it was beautiful and I’d say more beautiful than the famous Maasin River.

Riding all the way up, and wow Pacifico Beach is stunning beautiful and it’s free! Imagine a beautiful paradise without the need to pay anything? Siargao sets the bar too high! I was offered to go surfing but my body is still aching from yesterday’s surf at Cloud 9 so I told them I can’t. They were very nice and even wished me an awesome stay in their home island!

Today is my 4th day and I still even had a nice buko drink or shake so I was hoping I’d find it here in Pacifico but sadly there’s none available. I only had mango shake for refreshment. Pacifico is pretty much like General Luna but it is not busy or crowded here. Originally, I planned to have a stay here since there’s also lots of accommodations but I don’t want the hassle of moving all of my things so I just opted to fully stay at General Luna and just ride and explore.

Continuing further north, my eyes were treated with all these stretches of white sand beaches, WOW Siargao! I kept stopping and droning lol. And again, just like Pacifico, there’s no entrance fee whatsoever! 41 provinces I’ve been to and Siargao is the only place that offers this kind of freeeeeedom!

I’ve reached Alegria but the beach was crowded and kinda noisy with all the karaoke and people so I just skipped it lol. I continued the ride and reached Santa Monica where Taktak Falls is located. I thought Siargao is all about waves and surfing but they are also blessed with this beautiful waterfall.

My face was already hurting from the sunburn ouch! Continued to the next town of San Benito and Siargao kept showing me more white sand beaches along the road. Sadly, I’ve used all my drone batteries so I didn’t have drone shots in this area.

And before I know it, I’m already back in the town of Del Carmen where Siargao Airport is located. It feels like I’m always at the airport everyday lol. I had a bit late of lunch at Dapa and then headed back to Moonlight for a quick bath.

After the quick bath I went to Shaka Cafe for some coffee and sunset and finally witnessing Cloud 9 at night which is very romantic. I had a bowl of ramen at Hakata Ramen and then back to Moonlight.


Canijugan Peak Retreat and Campsite
Union Beach
Jubang Road
Sayak Airport

Sad day today because this is our last day in Siargao. Woke up early and packed all our things. I did not have breakfast at Moonlight because my stomach might act during flight lol. I said goodbye to the people at Moonlight who have taken good care of me during my 5 day stay in Siargao.

We still have a few destinations to visit before heading to the airport! I took the usual Tourism Road and headed the small road in Malinao. I saw Canijugan Peak Retreat and Campsite along the way. I think it’s great to have sunrise/sunset there. Maybe next time when we go back we’ll stay there for a night.

Continued riding and I found myself at Union Beach where I was welcomed by Tatay. Again, no parking or beach fee. I love Siargao! I saw a cute dog by the beach. I was not able to fly the drone since all our things are tightly packed and it might take some time to put it back again. Next time, next time! We still have a lot to explore in Siargao!

After Union Beach I continued riding and greeted again by the coastal road. Those roads leading to beach are inviting but we have a flight to catch so we’ll check those next time!

Back to the main road, and I found myself back to the Dapa and Del Carmen boundary. The new road here was inviting me since Day 1 so I finally visited it. The view above was stunning and there’s more beaches as well! See, even on my last day Siargao kept showing me more beauties!

I then headed back to the main road and had quick coffee and bread at the store along the road. The store owner shared some stories about how beautiful Siargao was before Typhoon Odette hit them.

After the light breakfast, I then continued to the airport and surrendered back our friend, Honda Beat. It was an awesome 5 day adventure!



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