Solo Japan Trip – 9 Days for 43k | First Snow, Bullet Train, Mt. Fuji, and Moving Gundam!

Hisashiburi Tokyo!

It has been 3 years since my last trip to Japan and for the first time, I’m going solo! My last visit was January 2020 just some few weeks before the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, I was with my family back then. Since 2015, I have been going annually to Japan with family and friends but missed 3 years due to the border closing. Japan finally opened its borders to foreign visitors last quarter of 2022 and lucky I have a booked February 2023 flight to Tokyo!



Visa – good thing Japan has reinstated the powers of Multiple Entry Visa. If you still have unexpired ME visa, that would still be valid.

Visit Japan Web – register and get QR codes (to be used at the airport in Japan)

Below is the summary of my expenses which summed at 43k. Honestly, I feel this is expensive lol but hey, we got the snow, bullet train, limited express trains, the moving Gundam, and Mount Fuji! Not a bad deal right?

Assuming you would not like the Tokyo Wide Pass and Moving Gundam (total now would be 38k), you can check my old itinerary for Tokyo, Nikko, and Yokohama and do something else.

Here is my roundtrip ticket for 6377.91 pesos. Before pandemic, this would only cost around 3k but the fuel surcharge doubled it! Additional 2498 pesos for the baggage allowance. Also, I availed travel insurance for 943 pesos – not required, but highly recommended.

Here is my accommodation booking at FOCUS KURAMAE which reflected at 7927.39 pesos on my credit card. If you’re looking for a stay in Tokyo, come check FOCUS. It has a direct train to and from Narita Airport and is near the train station so it is very convenient. It is also very affordable, clean, and got amazing staff! Check rates at Agoda.

And of course, here is our pocket money. If you’re near Cubao, come check the money changers near Farmers and compare rates.

So yeah, let’s go back to Tokyo!


Narita International Airport

7th time in Japan but this is actually my first solo international trip. Even though I have been to Tokyo multiple times, going solo hits different. Even though Tokyo is very familiar, mysteriously, it feels something new. You know, like a New Game+.

Originally, my flight was 6AM but it got moved to 2PM so I arrived at Narita International Airport at night, just like my 2020 trip with the fam. It was a very smooth immigration interview just asking if I have relatives in Japan. HOW I WISH! lol

Finally got back to the country I love most! It was also a smooth airport experience being able to be cleared in less than 20 minutes! I then grabbed a bite at 711 and bought SUICA card. Boarded the train and got off at Kuramae Station (which is actually the next station from my previous home: Asakusabashi). That’s another plus for staying at FOCUS Kuramae which has a direct train to and from Narita.

The challenge was finding the hotel but I have an offline Google Map so it was not really hard to find. Checked in and lights out!


Hachiko Memorial Statue
Shibuya Crossing
Tower Records
Yoyogi Stadium

My priority is visiting Hachiko Memorial Statue. I actually had a dog named Hachiko (of course named after Hachiko of Japan) which I lost and still haven’t found. I prayed and reminisced here and I actually got teary. Still hoping to find him someday.

I crossed the crazy Shibuya Scramble and then headed to Tower Records to find some vinyl for my Boss. I then boarded the train to Yoyogi Station to see the Yoyogi National Stadium because of BoA’s 2022 Greatest Hits concert held there. I was not able to attend so the best thing I can do is reminisce outside. I walked my way from the station to the stadium only to find out that it is near Harajuku (lol) so I was able to go to Harajuku unplanned XD If you have more time, you can go to Meiji-Jingu Shrine.

I then went back to Shibuya Station to purchase the shining Tokyo Wide Pass!


Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort
Sensoji Temple
Donki Asakusa

My first ever bullet train ride! I felt like an amused child experiencing the ride. It was a very fast ride but very smooth at the same time! Damn, I wish we have this in the Philippines lol. Explored Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort which is actually my first snow experience as well. What an experience!

I then went to Asakusa before heading home to check some pasabuys for my Boss.


Lake Kawaguchiko
Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

4th day in Tokyo, a visit to Lake Kawaguchiko to see the magnificent Mt. Fuji! Riding the Limited Express Kaiju and then I was lucky to ride the Naruto Train. It was surreal to see Mt. Fuji in her full glory, like I don’t want to keep my eyes off her. I rode the ropeway as well as the boat tour and just fell in love with Mt. Fuji.

I was not able to go to Fuji Q Highland and the famous Chureito Pagoda so next time I will prioritize those.


Shinkyo Bridge
Toshogu Shrine

It has been a while Nikko! It’s actually my second time in Nikko and this time riding the Limited Express Spacia. Last 2020, we were able to go here chasing the snow but there was none lol. This time, I was even blessed with a heavy snow fall! I thought I’m good with the Gala Yuzawa experience but Nikko even surpassed it.

It was snowing the whole day even in Tokyo. It was really an amazing day for me! Too bad, my family is not with me during this time so they missed the snow. Well, we have something to chase again next visit.

This marks the end of our Tokyo Wide Pass since it is only valid for 3 days. It has been an amazing tour, so I highly recommend purchasing it if you’re in Tokyo.


Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery
Queen’s Square Yokohama
Yokohama Cosmoworld
Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama
Yokohama World Porters
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Zou-no-hana Park
Osanbashi Passenger Terminal
Gundam Factory Yokohama

Started with Yokohama Station and walked my way to the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery. I was able to see their new concept car the #NissanMaxOut. There was even an event with lots of reporters and media so I kinda waited for it to finish while I have coffee at Starbucks. I then walked my way to the Queen’s Square, Cosmoworld, Cup Noodles Museum, and Yokohama World Porters. Last time, that was all we could do in Yokohama.

Since this is my second time, I have added a lot on the plate. I already have a pre-purchased ticket to see the Moving Gundam and I plotted it to be the last one on the list. From World Porters, I then walked some more and saw the Red Brick Warehouse and then to the nearby park where I had some snacks.

Another treat in Yokohama is the Osanbashi Passenger Terminal. I was really amazed by this structure and felt like it was a gigantic battleship! The viewing deck gives you a superb view of Yokohama. It is free so if you’re in Yokohama, check it out.

Last on the list of course is the Moving Gundam! I put this last because I want to see it both in day and night mode! Come visit here around sunset time and then wait for the night show as well. It was amazing seeing the Moving Gundam up close, I got teary!


Tokyo Tower
Zojoji Temple
Pokemon Mega Center
Tokyo Met. Govt Bldg
Square Enix HQ

7th day in Tokyo! Started with the Tokyo Tower and confirmed that the Mugiwara Store has already closed. I then proceeded to the nearby Zozoji Temple and prayed.

Next stop is the Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo in Ikebukuro for a pasabuy. It was a Sunday and man, I was there for 3 hours. I lost all my energy so I went to the nearby Donki Ikebukuro and ate 2 sweet potatoes.

Originally, I was going to meet my friend after touring Nikko but it was snowing and very cold that day so my friend moved it to this day in Shinjuku. I went to the Tokyo Met. Govt Bldg before meeting my friend. It is free and offers great view of Tokyo from up above so come check it out.

I then walked my way to the Hotel Gracery to meet my friend. She was working in Osaka way back 2015 and that’s where we met. They (she and her husband) treated me with ramen but I told them I had 2 sweet potatoes and full haha so we went to karaoke and had drinks instead. My friend told her husband that I like Hikaru Utada so much that’s why most of the songs I sang were of hers.

We then walked around Shinjuku to check the arcade games and then I told them I discovered her thru Kingdom Hearts video game. Surprisingly, my friend’s husband is a gamer too so they brought me to the origin of it all – SQUARE ENIX HEADQUARTERS! Man, it was such a feast for me with all those action figures and plushies and all other merch! Definitely coming back here to buy the Moogle haha.


Asakusa Donki

It was raining this day! Originally, I planned to go to Odaiba to see the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam but the rain stopped me. I don’t enjoy walking in the rain and I always feel sad when it rains specially during tours.

I just went to Asakusa Donki to finish some pasabuy and headed back to our home at FOCUS Kuramae for merienda and waited for the rain to atleast subside.

I’m scheduled to meet another friend and she chose Shinjuku. She treated me with Shabu-Shabu and we went CD hunting at Tower Records Shinjuku and walked around the neighborhood.

I felt like I missed a lot this day due to the damn rain.


Tower Records Shibuya
Donki Shibuya
Narita International Airport

Originally, I wanted to go to Disneyland (just outside lol) today but I still have a lot of unfinished businesses. And sadly, this is our last day in Tokyo so it’s risky to go far.

I went to Shibuya to finish some pasabuy and of course, while were here, I again visited Hachiko to pray. Hoping one day to see my beloved dog again, here or in the next life.

Tower Records was still closed so I went to Donki to buy some more pasalubong and then went back to finally finish the side quest of vinyl hunting.

I wasn’t able to buy luggage so I checked Asakusabashi and bought a luggage for Boss Mona’s pasabuy. It was a lot lol. I even forgot the vinyl at the restaurant where I ate and almost entered the train station. Mini heart attack, my Boss is gonna kill me if I come back to the Philippines without his vinyl lol.

All set, I then went back home to FOCUS and prepped all things. I had 2 luggage, a heavy back pack, and some hand carry items. Good thing Narita Airport is just one train ride from FOCUS so it was not totally a hassle.

I arrived early but the queue was super long! I roamed around the airport but the stores closed early due to the COVID protocol they follow.

All went smoothly and finally (but sadly lol), I’m back home in the Philippines.


Honestly, I feel like my trip was very costly lol because my previous trips to Japan were very cheap. But when I look at it, it is still cheap considering I got the snow, the bullet train ride, the limited express ride, the Moving Gundam, and the beauty of Mount Fuji!

Insurance is not required but highly recommended to have one. I recommend GCash’s Ginsure.

Big chunk of expenses would go to the airfare and hotel. Watch out for Cebu Pacific’s seat sale to Japan so you can score cheap tickets. As for your stay, come check FOCUS KURAMAE, they are one train away from Narita and is near the train station, very clean, and affordable.

For food, you can always hunt for the restaurants offering cheap meals. Menus are displayed outside so you can already judge if you’ll have a good deal or not.

Visit and buy at Don Quijote (DONKI), us foreigners are tax free if we spend 5000 yen and up! Great deal always!

LASTLY, for more adventures in Japan and Philippines, please subscribe to me Youtube Channel:


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