Cebu – Very Relaxed 3D2N Itinerary – Bantayan Island + City Tour

I never really participated during the planning session of our Cebu trip. My friends Jie and Chelle were very excited about Camp Sawi, a movie I had totally no clue about.  A quick Google Images search for Bantayan Island made me say yes 🙂

This is the outcome of our Cebu trip, it was very relaxed and only had few activities per day. I must say it was a very short stay, unsuitable for a big province like Cebu which has a lot to offer. Definitely coming back for more of this province 🙂

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DAY 1 – Touchdown and Beach Time!

04:30 NAIA Terminal 3
06:00 Arrival at Mactan Cebu International Airport
07:00 Cebu North Terminal to Hagnaya Port
12:00 Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe Port
13:00 Bantayan Island
20:00 Dinner at Kota Beach Restaurant
22:00 Lights Out

DAY 2 – More Beach and Food Trip

05:30 Wake Up!
06:00 Prep and Breakfast
07:30 Virgin Island – Snorkeling & Cliff Diving
11:00 Ogtong Cave
12:00 Lunch at Kota Beach Restaurant
14:30 Santa Fe Port to Hagnaya Port
19:00 Checkin at Pacific Pensionne Hotel
20:00 Osmena Circle / Larsian

DAY 3 – City Tour and Souvenir Hunting

06:00 Wake Up
06:30 Prep and Breakfast
08:30 Mactan Shrine
11:00 Temple of Leah
12:30 Lunch at House of Lechon
14:30 Magellan’s Cross
15:30 Carbon Market Cebu
17:00 Checkout Pacific Pensionne Hotel
18:00 Prep and Dinner
21:00 Mactan Cebu International Airport
22:30 NAIA Terminal 3

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Bantayan Island, Cebu – Sawi no More

My first domestic flight was bound for Cebu, the oldest city in the Philippines. I never really helped with the itinerary and all I did was say “yes” to my friend Jie regarding this trip, not even minding the expenses.

We were greeted with heavy rains on our way to the airport. It was a 4AM Cebu Pacific flight which we thought was going to be cancelled or delayed greatly due to the bad weather.  Fortunately, the weather subsided and we boarded the plane after a few minutes of waiting. I was really happy because it was my mom’s first flight!

We arrived at Mactan-Cebu International Airport before 6AM. Rode a taxi to Cebu’s North Bus Terminal and boarded a Ceres bus bound to Bantayan Island. All I did was complain about the lengthy bus ride and kept asking if we’re already near the island. After 4 or 5 hours, we finally arrived at Hagnaya Port.  Another hour of sea travel and finally, Bantayan Island! I stopped complaining the moment I saw the island!

Here’s the summary of expenses. Taxi and trike fares we’re shared by a group of 4.


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And let the pictures talkin!

Cebu Ceres Bus ScheduleHere’s the Ceres Bus Schedule going to Hagnaya Port.

Hagnaya Port ScheduleHagnaya Port Schedule

Bantayan IslandView from the 2nd level of the ship. Touchdown Bantayan Island!

Bantayan IslandView from Sta Fe Port in Bantayan Island

Bantayan IslandOur humble abode at Budyong Beach Resort, just adjacent to Kota Beach Resort. We scored this for P1400 per night.

Bantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan Island’s waters and sands. Heaven.

Bantayan IslandHere’s my mom’s moment!

Bantayan IslandMe!

Bantayan IslandWe ate at Kota Beach’s Restaurant and stayed a few hours before bedtime.

Bantayan IslandBantayan IslandBantayan Island Sunrise

Kota Beach Resort which housed the famous Camp Sawi filming.


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