Cancelled Flights, Change of Priorities, A Realization and A Glimpse of the Future.

Cancelled Flights, Change of Priorities and A Realization.

I was very excited for 2020 and welcomed it with open arms during New Year’s celebration. I was on fire and I can already imagine all the travel I’ll have for the year – checking travel goals off the list one at a time. Destinations were marked and booked as early as 2019. Since this is a new decade, I thought I’d start big and my first tour is set in Tokyo with my family.

The trip to Tokyo has left me bankrupt if I should say (but my friends will not believe this lol). It was my most expensive tour to date but I saved up for it, so no worries right? 😀

Right after Tokyo, I was set for Masbate. It was such a paradise and I’d definitely come back here! This actually marked the first time I get to fly the drone and capture stunning photos which added more fuel to my fiery lust for travel.

Just few days apart from my trip to Masbate is a quick trip to Cagbalete Island together with my high school friends.

We had no idea that the trip to Cagbalete Island would be the last (for now). COVID-19 has entered the country and we were placed in a lockdown which of course restricted leisure travel.

We were setup to work-from-home and I’m feeling grateful that up until now we get to keep our jobs, thank you RealPage! Along with my family, friends, and officemates, we did rounds of relief operations to help our community. Again, my big thanks to all who donated for these efforts. 🙂

March, April, May and June were dedicated to traveling nearby provinces, mostly a quick weekend 2D1N trip to progress Project 81 which as of this writing is just at 25.61%. I also planned to go to Catanduanes by bus and ferry during the US Memorial Day Holiday back in May.

Most people get surprised by the fact that I haven’t been to Boracay lol. Sorry guys, it seems it’s not yet time for me to set foot on the paradise. My first cancelled flight for the year was bound to Boracay. Supposedly, backpacking Panay Island by entering in Boracay and then touring Antique, Roxas, and Iloilo by land (and a quick trip to Guimaras for the mango pizza of course) and then flying back to Manila from Iloilo.

I’m frequent in my province of Albay, I never really had the chance to visit the neighboring Sorsogon Province. August was dedicated for Sorsogon, mainly for the magical firefly watching and the Buhatan River Eco Adventure.

October is probably the one that hurts me the most. This is Siargao </3 Of all the local destinations set for 2020, Siargao is the one I’m most excited about. I have been wanting to go since 2017 when Echo starred in the movie dedicated for this surfing haven. I was planning to trace his footsteps in the movie lol

I still have tours lined up for November and December but most likely will be cancelled due to the restrictions imposed by the government for the fight against COVID19.


Being unable to travel for most of the year, I was able to save (forcefully lol). That said, I’ve been thinking of getting a home of my own – in preparation for starting a family. Lately, all I’ve been thinking were furniture and home improvement ideas. I kept imagining how my own house would look like. I believe this is the sign. Now that I’m able to save money for a house, I’ll have it prioritized. And before I forget, the baby of course 😛 I have always set aside these goals mainly because I just want to travel.


Travel is life indeed, it makes me happy, it sets my soul on fire, it makes me alive… But I’m not getting any younger. Lately, I have been feeling that something is missing and when I ask myself, the answer I get is a family of my own. Funny how my high school teacher is now my niece’s teacher. That’s how much time I’ve missed. In a way, this pandemic has made me realize that this is the time to start and face the realities / challenges that’s ahead.


How do you see yourself five years from now? I want to travel. For now, I’ll just focus on housing as my priority but once I get that done and everything is back to normal again, I’ll be back on tour. All flights were rebooked to 2021 so hopefully it is safer to travel by that time. Right now I’m into motorcycles but eventually when I save up enough for a car, I’ll get one and I’ll be like Noctis and the gang who travels the country with their car 😀

And I quote Utada Hikaru: “The future doesn’t scare me all” ❤

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