Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan Experience!

Universal Studios Japan does not interest me with all honesty. Last year, my friends failed to persuade me into going to USJ (I did accompany them though so I know the place haha). This time, it’s a different story. Afraid we might end up short on budget, I told my girlfriend that I won’t make it. She and 2 other friends can enter the park and I’d just roam around Osaka and save the money for souvenirs and albums (like I did last year). It did not work! Long story short, she won. I was “forced” into the expensive realm of USJ (T_T)

Tip: Wake up early. Be there around 8:30 to 9:00AM. You need all the time in USJ since the lines will test your patience. Add up hungry stomach haha. There are also Lawson convenience stores outside so I highly recommend buying snacks and drinks for the whole day before entering since buying inside USJ would cost you a lot. We had butaman (meat bun), mineral water, chocolates, sandwiches, Calbee potato chips, mixed nuts and other foods we can munch when on queue.

From your station, you need to go to Nishikujo Station. There are trains that go directly to USJ. (Be careful, some trains are going someplace so be sure to ride the one for Universal City Station). Outside USJ is the Universal City Walk which houses a lot of high-end hotels,restaurants and shops.

1 day studio pass costs 7400 yen (3142.84 pesos). The main reason why I don’t like it lol. There’s also the Express Pass which lessens the waiting time for the rides/attractions (more expensive though). Buy the ticket and enter the park! 🙂

Tip: Check out the show / attraction information so you can minimize the waiting time. Example: If Water World starts at 12, be there around 11:55 and then you’ll be entering Water World without waiting. Just that the seats you get might not be the best. Your choice.

Tip: Since everyone is eyeing for Harry Potter, they’re all going there (which means hell lot of waiting time). Go see the other attractions first.

From the entrance, we first went to the Universal Studios Store, then to New York, Amityville and Water World. When we arrived at the world of Harry Potter, the line was fast moving.

Here are some of the pictures during our time at USJ 🙂


Universal Studios Japan Map (taken from the official website)


Entrance to USJ

universal studios japan minions

Minion Store

universal studios japan new york

In New York. Oh see that giant Christmas Tree? It reminds me of the time when BoA performed at USJ. She sang my very favorite Love Letter! I wish it was during my visit!

universal studios japan flying dinosaur

The Flying Dinosaur

universal studios japan water world

Water World (almost end of the show)

universal studios japan hogwarts castle

The very famous Hogwarts Castle (I think this is the main reason why people go to USJ haha)

universal studios japan snoopy

Snoopy Ride (yes we’re able to ride this one!)

universal studios japan hello kitty boutique

Hello Kitty Boutique (for all you Hello Kitty fans out there!)

Hollywood Dream (this is the best part of USJ for me. Ride during night time and you can see why it’s called a “dream”)

It was a magical experience at Universal Studios Japan. Forget the price, it’s worth it! Definitely a must-go when you’re in Osaka! Hope I could someday bring my Minion-loving nephew here 🙂

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